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Hardcover Dust Epub ´ Joan Frances Turner is the author of Dust forthcoming from Ace Books on September Dust is a story of the undead from their own point of view as they battle time decay the loved ones they left behind encroaching humanity and each other Or think Watership Down with zombies instead of rabbits She is currently working on a seuel tentatively titled Frail from the all important human.

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  • karen

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust Kindleit is octoberi am going to read a bunch of zombie books this is the firstand it was very okay by now she has written a seuel and i am hoping that she has gotten her mythology tightened enough to allow her plot a narrow strait through which to flow because the major problem with this one was trying to understand the rules; they seem awfully fluid and she freuently neglects to address the big picture uickly so in this book zombies can communicate with each other in a way that does not reuire tongues and lips and etc but is like a telepathic communication and a resting state that sounds like music okay fine and they dance collectively ritualistically when some inner switch is thrown and they feel a compulsion ooookay that's fine i am very much of the take

  • Crystal Starr Light

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleAnother Book Bites the Dust NOTE I received this book as part of the Vine ProgramNine years ago Jessie and her parents died in a car accident Now Jessie is among the undead the zombies She is a part of a gang in the Great River County Park But things are taking a strange turn A hoo human woman is found in a state not uite human not uite unde

  • Kelly

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleSometimes when I give a book a middling rating it means the book was middling throughout This is not one of those times I intensely disliked the first

  • Patrick

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleI picked this book up on tour so I had something to read while traveling I picked it up because Amber Benson had written a blurb for the cover and that was enough to win my trust I start to read it and am pleasantly surprised It's a zombie story told first person from the point of view of the zombie I read it in one sitting that night on the train when I really should have been catching up on my sleep It's a clever book and I really enjoyed it Is it a perfect book No But its uniue take on an old painfully cliche piece of horror movie history makes this a five star than a four star book I've noticed a lot of low star reviews here on goodreads have a redcurrant theme of Ugh It was s

  • All Things Urban Fantasy

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleReview courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyblogspotcomI don’t know that I've ever had a book make me feel as physically nauseous as I did while reading DUST It is grotesue gruesome and gory from start to finishI’m kind of marveling at the 180 that I’ve gone through with DUST I liked the concept of a zombie nov

  • Anita Dalton

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleThis book will be deeply disgusting for the average reader It wallows in rot cannibalism graphic depictions of animal hunts human decomposition vomit vomit and vomit the effects of zombie on zombie violence and so much Dwelling in the head space I do I only got creeped out by a couple of scenes and those were scenes that discussed

  • Christie

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleMy right arm fell off today Lucky for me I’m left handedWith a first line like that I knew I was in for an interesting read Jessie is a teen girl who was killed by a drunk driver Her parents also perished in the accident leaving behind her two older siblings Months later she dug her way from her grave and joined the ranks of the undead As a self proclaimed zombie sympathizer I knew this book was a must read FYI they prefer the term undead ; Dust is one of those books that you can’t get out of your head It has been days since I finished and I’m still thinking about it Dust is a fresh and exciting addition to zombie culture Jessie was an excellent narrator and seemed to embrace her new life I love books with a strong female lead dead or not I was drawn in by the idea that they retain their memories and even some emotions I loved the idea that they have the ability to understand the speech of humans as well as communicate amongst themselves Their beha

  • Neil

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleDo we need a book that tries to make the plight of zombies sympathetic If the answer is this book then definitely no Turner is not a bad stylist but her story here meanders between gross out

  • Erin

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust Kindle Dust is a gamechanger in the world of zombies It reuires you to forget everything you have learned thus far about zombies Forget the craving for brains Nevermind the halting staggering or the twitching the tics and speed walking Joan Frances Turner has written a novel that introduces you to zombies for the first time as emotional beings; they think communicate wonder fight worry need and care Under the decay of death the fear they instill they are just trying to get

  • C Solis-Sublette

    Hardcover Dust Epub ´ dust kindle, Dust KindleWho knew that zombies are offended by the term zombie and prefer to be called undead or regenerators Who knew zombies could communicate with one another and actually have emotional drives Well that is what we learn from reading this novel Plot wise it drags a little But I guess that may not be a bad thing considering that we are dealing with zombies And thanks to some kind of chemical accident the living and the undead are evolving into something worse yes there is something worse than being a zombie I think what made me grow bored with this novel a little bit is that it is very hard to wrap my head around the idea that living humans and zombies can coexist and even come to fight on the same side I don't know There are some really good action seuences if you're into zombie action and the imagery can be uite repulsive at

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